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Building Techniques

CSB does all of it’s homes with the Green practices in place. The owner will ultimately decide to what extent they want to take the Green Building to. We do anything from double walls with R-45 to Straw Bale with Earth Plaster. We consider placement on the lot in our design…..southern exposure for passive solar gain and so forth.

We still do things the way you want them as long as it passes code and CSB’s Standards. Remember You are the Boss…….we work for you.


The first meeting with the buyer is an initial conversation to “get a feel” for what type of home you are looking for. We then take an hour to make some scaled sketches to come up with a floor plan that works. We later draw it to scale and more detailed so CSB can estimate off of the drawings…..we don’t require Blueprints on the houses we design at this point. Calvin can get the price exact with his own drawings. This Rendering is a sample of a “Calvin Sketch”.

We ask questions about the lot, features, priorities of design, types of wood, windows, cabinets, floor coverings, etc…. We then estimate the home and call you back in to present you the quote. Our Proposals are very precise. We start at the road, on paper and work it all the way to final occupancy.

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