Builder FAQs

Here are a few things you should ask your builder for your next home construction project

Do you have a warranty?

Do you come back before the warranty is up and do an 11 month punch list?

Who’s Warranty do you offer?

Are you a member of the Builders Association?

Do you have insurance?

Are you Bonded?

Do you pay Worker’s Comp.?

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Do you utilize bonded, insured, licensed sub trades?

Do you offer referrals?

Can we see a sample of your work?

How long have you been in business?

What type of Basement wall do you usually have?

Do you offer design services. Who does the designing? Do you supply Blueprints?

How will we know exactly what is included in your price?

Will you review your contract with us?

Who does your service work?

Do you warrant the materials?

Can you describe your Building Techniques and Philosophy?

How many New Homes have you built? (That does not mean that a young builder is bad, some of them are very good and should be considered)

Are you an approved Builder at my Bank?

Do you assist in Bank financing?

Do you look at the lot with us prior to the contract?

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